The Royal Wedding – Predictions On What Jewellery Look We May See On Both Meghan & Harry!

Meghan’s current existing jewellery look is very minimalist and elegant with a contemporary twist and we are certain this will be reflected in her jewellery look on her wedding day.

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With Meghan’s main jewellery love being for stack rings – having been seen wearing rings on her thumbs, index fingers and middle fingers on a number of different occasions, we predict that she may still include her quirky ring style on the big day.  Either going for a number of thin plain and diamond set bands scattered across her right hand fingers or she may decide on the one statement ring on the right hand such as the handcrafted garden inspired, 18ct Yellow Gold & 0.20ct Vintage Diamond Ungar & Ungar ring.

Ungar & Ungar 18ct Yellow Gold & 0.20ct Vintage Diamond Ungar & Ungar

But the bride-to-be will not want to draw attention away from the rings of the moment – the famous yellow gold, three diamond engagement ring and what will be her new wedding ring!  We predict this will be a plain yellow gold, vintage-inspired wedding ring, very similar to the Queen’s and Kate Middleton’s Welsh Gold wedding bands.

We also predict that she will go for a pair of drop diamond earrings similar again to the pair she wore at Christmas when she celebrated with the Queen and her Royal family to be.  These again will be subtle as all eyes will be on the Tiara that the Queen will loan to Meghan to wear, making her look like the true Princess she is about to become!

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Image Source: Getty / Max Mumby/Indigo

But what about Harry?

Harry isn’t afraid to wear jewellery, with his love for wooden beads, metal and leather bracelets, we believe unlike his Brother and Grandfather Prince Phillip, Harry will opt to wear a wedding band.

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Image Source: Getty / Max Mumby/Indigo

We predict that the stylish Prince, with all his sporting charity work and army career, will require a durable material ring and with his beachwear jewellery taste, we wouldn’t be surprised if Harry went for a Carbon Fibre and Precious Metal style ring.  Just like the Furrer Jacot Carbon Collection, with its edgy and stand out designs – it would be the perfect way for the Prince to seal the bond with Meghan.
Furrer Jacot Carbon Fibre Collection


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