Welcome To Lance James

Proud to be an independent jeweller, Lance James was first established in 1997 and is situated in the heart of the busy Essex town of Chelmsford. With over 40 years combined experience of creating bespoke jewellery, you will find that traditional jewellery skills are at the heart of our business with an in-house workshop and qualified jewellers on hand to help.  A viewing window from the main retail space into the workshop allows our customers to witness traditional skills in practice.  

In addition to the bespoke side of the business, Lance James strives to showcase silver designers including Chlobo, Daisy London, Unique Jewellery and many more, providing the perfect gift for every occasion.

Whilst striving to provide our customers with high quality products and professional jewellery services, Lance James takes pride in being both approachable and accessible to all our customers.

Alchemy from Lance James The Jewellers in Brentwood, Chelmsford and Hertford.

The enigmatic four ringed sign forming the logo gives a clue to the heritage that is the inspiration for Lance James The Jewellers.

It is the sign of the ancient and mysterious Alchemists. Those who would try to turn ordinary metals into Gold and Silver to combine with gemstones to produce highly prized jewellery.

Lance James The Jewellers takes the inspiration of the Alchemists and with Gold, Silver and gemstones produces highly individual and highly desirable jewellery.

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