Does your ring need resizing?

There are lots of reasons why you might find that your rings need resizing … either up or down.  A surprise engagement, a successful diet or just a few years of married life!

Too tight and you might find that your ring has to be cut off if there was ever an emergency.  Too loose and you might be in danger of losing your ring altogether.  If your rings do not fit properly, please don’t put it off.  It is money well spent!

Resizing By Professionals

It is important to get resizing completed by an experienced jeweller.  Don’t be tempted by cheap DIY fixes or internet hacks.  The process is different depending on the ring style and size change involved.  Our jewellers are professionals and have over 60 years of experience between them. 

With advances in jewellery technology, resizing can be carried out on more rings than ever before.  Laser technology means that we can resize rings with fragile stones in situ without the added costs of removing and then resetting them. 

After resizing, rings are cleaned and polished (including rhodium-plating for all white gold rings) so your ring, will look brand new again!

Be aware that engraving may fade during the resizing process.  However, we can re-engrave a message if you would like.  [Engraving]

There are many different styles of ring size adjusters available on the market nowadays.  However, these should be used only as a temporary fix until you can get your ring sized by a professional.  Apart from being rather unattractive, you should also be aware that the metal or hard plastic adjusters can scratch and damage the ring shank.

If your finger is larger at the knuckle, you might experience a loose fit at the base of your finger. If this sounds like you, you can consider sizing beads. These are little balls or plates that are soldered inside the shank to the back of the ring. These are situated out of sight and lightly grip the inside of your finger, helping to keep the ring sit straight.

Finally, do be aware, that there will be a limited number of times that a ring can be sized and this will vary depending on style, wear and metal.


Prices start from £45 but will vary according to metal, style and number of sizes to be changed.  Please contact us at or call 01245 698386.  Send us a photo of your ring, with the estimated size change and we will be happy to advise.

Rings That Can't Be Resized

While most ring styles are sizable, it is worth noting that some designs are more complicated than others and some may not be sizable at all. 

For example, diamond and gemstone full eternity rings, milgrain or ornate bands or rings with alternative metals such as Carbon Fibre or Tungsten cannot be resized.  If you are unsure if your ring can be resized, please contact us for advice.