Womens Wedding Rings

Looking for your perfect wedding ring?  Here at Lance James, we have over 2,000 different styles of wedding rings in all the precious metals. 

If white is your thing, then discover beautiful designs in platinum, palladium and 18ct white gold styles.   For those who love the look of 18ct yellow gold or 18ct rose gold, then lance James is the place for you. 

If you want to break the mould, then explore designs in alternative materials like our striking black carbon fibre or white HyCeram.  We can even mix the metals for bi-colour or even tri-colour designs. 

Should my wedding ring be made of the same metal as my engagement ring?

To avoid excessive wear and tear, our goldsmiths always advise you choose a wedding ring in the same metal as your engagement ring.  Remember that these two rings are going to sit next to each other for many years to come and one will wear the other if they are different hardnesses.  Most of our wedding ring designs can be made in all precious metals: platinum, 18ct gold in white, yellow or rose variations, palladium.

Can I have diamonds in my wedding ring?

Of course, you can - the more the merrier if you like!  Traditionally, a wedding ring was a classic plain band but nowadays anything goes.  Your parents/grandparents may have different opinions on the subject but as long as it compliments your engagement ring, then go for it.  Just make sure you try lots of different styles on to find the perfect match.  Your groom can have diamonds too if he likes!

Are classic plain bands a bit old-fashioned/simple?

Absolutely not - remember you have to choose a ring to compliment your engagement ring and some look best set off by a plain band.  Most people have heard of the classic court shape, but there are many different profiles to choose from so you can still express your individuality.  The combination of shape, width and weight will all contribute to your own specific look.

I need a shaped wedding ring!

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a “wed-fit” engagement ring which sits flush with any straight wedding ring, you might want to consider a shaped band that is custom-made for you.  With professional goldsmiths working in our on-site workshops, we can design a shaped-to-fit wedding ring to accommodate any shaped engagement ring.  For a truly individual wedding ring, handmade to your own design, we can supply you with CAD (computer-aided-design) images so you can get really involved in the design process.

For those that don’t have an engagement ring, the world is your oyster - you can go to town with a diamond set wedding ring without having to consider the restrictions that an engagement ring might dictate.  In Europe, the wedding ring is worn on its own which is why our European designers have some really amazing designs.

What order do I wear my wedding and engagement ring?

Traditionally, you wear your wedding closest to the palm of your hand?  On the wedding day, brides normally wear their engagement ring on their right hand until after the ceremony.

What width should I have my wedding ring?

Its true to say that most men’s wedding bands are 6mm plus in width but you can choose any width you like.  It is surprising how different people’s hands are, different widths suit different fingers.  It’s all down to personal preference.

It’s a bit like a wedding dress – you’ve got to try them on to find the perfect width for you! 

What size wedding ring do I need?

It is important that you are confident when ordering the correct size.  Unfortunately, it is not an exact science and measuring systems vary from country to country, brand to brand and even jeweller to jeweller.  Some measure to leading edge, some to centre. 

At Lance James, you can be sure that you have the correct size by taking advantage of our complimentary Ring Sizing Kit.  We will send you five brass sample rings in sizes close to your estimated size so you can try them on in the comfort of your own home.  We recommend that you wear them all day as your fingers can vary according to the time of day.

Once you are confident with your size, simply complete the sizing request form and relax knowing that your ring will be made to your exact size.