Virtue London FAQ's

How many discs can I wear in my 23mm or 32mm Virtue Keepsake locket at one time?

We have designed a huge variety of discs that are different widths, shapes and textures to offer as much choice as possible. This means that sometimes three discs can fit together and sometimes two. Occasionally a combination of discs will only fit facing one way as the side of the locket showing our logo is slightly thicker than the other side. If you need help with your locket please call our team on 0208 343 2828. Wearing a curved cut-out disc and a curved gemstone disc facing away from each other creates a lovely 3D effect and is our personal favourite. Our flat gemstone and mother of pearl discs (E.g. VKS012) will also fit with all cut-out discs and provide stunning back drops.


How many discs can I wear in my 10mm locket at one time?

Our mini 10mm lockets can hold two discs at once- each facing away from each other. This means that if your locket flips around whilst you are wearing it there is a pretty disc on either side!


How many discs can I wear in my 10mm bracelet or ring at one time?

Due to the design our 10mm bracelets and rings can hold one disc which can be swapped for a different disc at any time to change the look of your jewellery.


How do I attach a locket onto the beaded necklaces and bracelets?

If purchasing any of the beaded necklaces or bracelets (sandstone, agate, pearl and amethyst) you will also need to purchase a jump ring to attach your locket onto the necklace/bracelet. If purchasing a 23mm locket please also buy either VKS389, VKS406 or VKS405 depending on which colour you would like. If purchasing a 32mm locket please also buy VKS390, VKS408 or VKS407.


What do I need to purchase if I like the floating charm collection?

You will need the usual locket and chain and then a pair of protective glass discs to trap your charms within the locket. These come in pairs so you only need to purchase one. Our silver dividing rings will prevent your charms from sliding down to the bottom of the locket.