While many home contents policies cover jewellery, all insurance companies will require items over a certain value to be specified individually on the policy with evidence of either a receipt or a valuation.  With fluctuations in the precious metals and diamond markets, the value of your jewellery will be subject to change which is why insurance companies advise that you keep your valuations up-to-date.  We recommend updating jewellery valuations at least every 3-5 years.  Should the worst happen, you want to make sure that your claim will cover the cost of replacing your precious jewellery.   

Whether you are looking a valuation for insurance, probate or private sale reasons, Lance James can provide you with a professional valuation that is recognised by all insurance companies.  The documentation comprises of a comprehensive report with a detailed description, a colour image together with a replacement or open market value.


INSURANCE - £100 for one item (£50 for each additional item).  PLEASE NOTE that fees are available upon request for all premium items (including rings set with diamonds over 1.00 carat each).

PROBATE - £100 for one item (£50 for each additional item).

A Probate Valuation is a written report that describes the jewellery and its value to calculate inheritance tax.  It is required by the relevant legal authorities and represents the value of items on the open market or at auction.  It is completed in compliance with HM Revenue & Customs and in accordance with Section 160 of the Inheritance Tax Act 1984.

DIVISION OF ASSETS (FAMILY DIVISION) - £100 for one item (£50 for each additional item).

A Division of Assets Valuation represents the value of a jointly owned asset on the open market or at auction, enabling individual parties to divide assets fairly.    

WATCH VALUATION - £100 per item.

POST LOSS ASSESSMENT REPORT - £100 for one item (£50 for each additional item).

If you don't have an up-to-date valuation, an independent Post-Loss Assessment Report supports a claim to your insurance company in the unfortunate event of a loss or theft of your jewellery.  It is not a valuation but a knowledge and market-driven estimate based upon the information gathered. 




If you have inherited some jewellery or purchased loose gemstones while on holiday abroad, you may like to confirm the authenticity of the stones or pearls.  We are proud to offer a lab service for loose and mounted diamonds, gemstones and pearls.   


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If you have a special piece of jewellery which you would like to insure as a separate item (rather than include it in your household contents policy), we work with top jewellery insurers, TH March who offer specialised jewellery insurance policies.  With over 130 years as specialists in jewellery insurance and Appointed Insurance Brokers to all the major jewellery trade associations, their knowledgeable staff will help to advise you the best way to make sure your jewellery is adequately covered. 

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