Mens Wedding Bands

Looking for your perfect mens wedding ring?  Here at Lance James, we have over 2,000 different styles of wedding rings in all the precious metals. 

If white is your thing, then discover beautiful designs in platinumpalladium and 18ct white gold styles. For those who love the look of 18ct yellow gold or 18ct rose gold, then lance James is the place for you. 

If you want to break the mould, then explore designs in alternative materials like our striking black carbon fibre or white HyCeram.  We can even mix the metals for bi-colour or even tri-colour designs. 

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Top 7 questions we get asked about mens wedding rings:

Do our wedding rings need to match?

Why?  You are two individuals, with your own personalities and tastes. 

In the UK, most of the time, the bride needs to choose her wedding ring to accommodate her engagement ring.  We like our Grooms to choose a wedding ring for themselves and not be restricted by wanting to match his finance’s.  After all, for many men, this is the only ring that they will wear so let's go to town – the world is your oyster!

We love it when a Groom surprises himself (and his fiancé) by choosing something really special.

Should I just go for a plain wedding band?

Grooms who don’t wear jewellery often assume that they need a plain wedding band.  There is so much more variety now, so don’t let this chance pass you by without trying on some more avant-garde designs.  If you don’t try them on, you’ll never know. 

If you do prefer the classic look, then investigate all the options.  Most people have heard of the traditional court shape, but there are many different profiles to choose from so you can still express your individuality.  The combination of shape, width and weight will all contribute to your own specific look.

I have a manual job so I need a Platinum wedding ring, right?

Not necessarily.  If you have a really active lifestyle or a manual job, there are several options for you.

Yes for many years, platinum was the hardest of the metals but it's metal sibling, Palladium, is actually harder.  But don’t be fooled – all metals show signs of wear.  Platinum and Palladium both mark but they acquire a “patina” - a satin finish, rather than scratch like other precious metals. 

You could also consider the alternative metals of Titanium, Tantalum or Steel.  Or indeed a mixture?  We would not recommend Tungsten as you cannot cut it;  should you ever need to have it cut off in an emergency, it has to be smashed off!

Do I have to have a wedding ring? – it feels odd!

It’s just because it's unfamiliar but within a couple of days, you won’t notice it!  Do try some on before you make your mind up. 

For the most comfortable experience, try the lighter metals.  Palladium is almost half the weight of Platinum but it looks very similar.  The most lightweight of all the metals is Titanium but it is still incredibly hard-wearing so you don’t have to compromise on durability.

We have a very large range of wedding ring designs, so even the most reluctant groom usually finds something that they like.  And your bride will love it too!

Can I have a black wedding ring?

We are in love with the new carbon fibre look and many Grooms (and even some Brides) are keen to make a bold statement for their wedding. 

It can be combined with precious or alternative metals, or it can stand on its own.  It is incredibly durable and lightweight so very comfortable to wear.  It is made up of a fine filament wound round and round by hand so it has a slightly textured appearance, giving each ring a unique look.

We also have some ring designs which feature HyCeram, a white pearl ceramic which offers a stunning alternative.  Furrer Jacot, our Swiss wedding ring designer, uses this premium ceramic product to create some beautiful designs which are perfect for your Big Day.

What width wedding ring should I get?

It’s true to say that most men’s wedding bands are 6mm plus in width but you can choose any width you like.  It is surprising how different people’s hands are, different widths suit different fingers.  It’s all down to personal preference.

What wedding ring size am I?

It is important that you are confident when ordering the correct wedding ring size. Unfortunately, it is not an exact science and measuring systems vary from country to country, brand to brand and even jeweller to jeweller.  Some measure to leading-edge, some to centre. 

At Lance James, you can be sure that you have the correct size by taking advantage of our complimentary Ring Sizing Kit.  We will send you brass samples in 5 different sizes close to your estimated size so you can try them on in the comfort of your own home.  We recommend that you wear them all day as your fingers can vary according to the time of day.

Once you are confident with your size, simply complete the sizing request form and relax knowing that your ring will be made to your exact size.