Engraving is a great way to make a piece of jewellery truly personal.  

Hand engraving is highly specialised and is perfect for an intricate design such as a family crest. Seal rings feature a 3D design which is traditionally used to create an imprint with sealing wax.

Machine engraving is ideal for names, dates and messages and can be used with most jewellery items.  Rings and bangles can be engraved either inside or outside. We are also happy to engrave the back of some watches, depending on material and surface. 

Laser engraving is used on much harder metals such as steel or titanium which can’t be machine engraved.  

Handwriting, doodles or even a fingerprint can be engraved using new laser technology.  

Please call or visit one of our stores for more information.  

Alternatively, you can email us on online@lancejames.co.uk.

Laser Engraving Prices:

(Quotes are available upon request for all engravings. All prices are estimates and are subject to change if an engraving proves more difficult or takes longer than originally thought. In these cases, you will be contacts and informed of a new price).

Plain text - (insde or outside) - £65. 

-(text with a specific font and or handwritten) - £93. 

Shaped or repeated text - Ring (inside or outside) - this includes offset repeated and fitting text continuously around the ring. - £93. 

Continuous pattern - Ring (inside or outside) - £186

Watch backs - Simple Text - £65 

Watch backs - Image - £93 

Bangles (subject to size and shape) from £65

Flat sheet engraving - Simple text - £65 

Flat sheet engraving - Pattern or large quantity of text - from £93 

Finger/Hand/Foot prints - Ring or flat sheet - £93 (+10 if editing is needed) 

Lighters - £93 

Signet rings (2D engraving) - £93 

Signet rings (3D engraving) - £480 

2 Tone Engraving - £93