Cleaning Services

Our jewellery lives with us, often every day, and like us can get a little tired. Silver naturally tarnishes with time when exposed to body sprays, perfumes and household chemicals.

Precious metals and gemstones will dull with the normal wear and tear of life. We can bring the sparkle back to all of your jewellery, whether you need it cleaning, polishing or re-plating.

Ultrasonic cleaning is particularly good for more intricate items and will get rid of any hand creams or soaps which are hard to avoid.

All metals slowly accumulate a natural patina of wear but with a Clean & Polish service, we can restore that brand new look. Polishing is ideal for many items - an inherited piece that has been stored away for many years, or a favourite piece of jewellery that you wear everyday.

Many white gold items are rhodium plated to give it a really white appearance. So if you find your white gold ring is looking less white, we can rhodium plate it to bring the beautiful shine and colour back. 

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Take a look below at some of our past cleaning and polished pieces:

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