With time our jewellery will always require a little TLC to keep it looking its best.

Silver naturally tarnishes with time; this process is affected by moisture and can be speeded up if exposed to the everyday chemicals we encounter in beauty and cleaning products.  While white gold, palladium and platinum do not tarnish, they are still subject to wear and tear like all metals.  The beauty of gemstones can be dulled by layers of beauty products which build upon the surface of the stone as well as inside the settings.


What You Can Do At Home

Being subject to household cleaning products, hand moisturisers, perfumes, jewellery will naturally get dirty.  A regular cleaning routine at home with specialist cleaning products can help to keep prevent the daily build up of grime of favourite items you like to wear regularly. 

We offer a range of Connoisseurs cleaning products which are available to buy in store and online.   Ensure that you read the instructions to check the product is suitable for your jewellery.  Certain stones like opals and pearls should not be cleaned in this way.

Most importantly, do not be tempted by internet hacks.  

cleaning wheel


If your jewellery needs more than the TLC you can give it at home, bring it in store to our professional jewellers.

If it has not been cleaned for many years, a build up of dirt can act like glue, keeping stones secure in settings.  Stones can loosen and fall out which is why you should only trust this job to a professional who will monitor the security of your stones during the cleaning process

Yellow Diamond Clean


With time, all surface finishes are affected by the wear and tear of everyday life.  This is the natural result of wearing your jewellery.  The only way to avoid this is to not wear it at all!

Polished finishes will take on a natural patina or a slightly matt appearance.  Matt finishes, on the other hand, will actually become smoother and more polished looking. 

Polishing or refinishing is one of the most important stages in the creation of new pieces of jewellery.  When an item is refinished professionally, customers are often astonished at how “new” their jewellery looks.


Yellow Gold Polish - £35
Platinum/Palladium Polish - £45
Silver Clean & Polish - £18 (depending on the item)

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Rhodium Plating

Because gold is naturally yellow, white gold is achieved by mixing it with different alloys to create a white appearance.  Depending on the alloy mix, some white gold items are rhodium plated to enhance the bright white appearance.  Being a member of the Platinum group of metals, Rhodium is both naturally white and hard wearing.  However, this does not mean that the plating will last forever as it is subject to wear and tear like any other metal.

If you notice that your white gold jewellery is starting to look a little more yellow than you remember, rhodium plating will bring it back to its former glory.


Our standard cleaning services usually take 3-5 working days and are completed in store. Please ask about our Express Service if you have an urgent request.


White Gold Polish with Rhodium Plating - £65

For a no-obligation estimate, please call or visit one of our stores.  Alternatively, you can email us at with a photograph.