The Lance James Classic Collection

Achieve a sophisticated classic style with a plain wedding ring.  There are plenty of options to consider in all the precious metals:

Different PROFILES, that is the shape of the ring (in cross-section), will achieve a slightly different look and feel.  

ring Profile

Plain bands are available in WIDTHS from 2mm to 10mm.

Don’t forget WEIGHT – the same ring design will come in different weights and it is often not always easy to determine from an image.  Unless quoted in grams, it is difficult to compare different jewellers definition of ‘Extra Heavyweight’.

Finally, you can choose from a selection of SURFACE FINISHES.  Opt for the traditional highly polished finish for a classic look or switch it up with one of the many alternative surfaces to create a more contemporary look.

All these variations make for a huge range to choose from.  Come in-store to discuss & learn more with one of our Wedding Ring Specialists.

Alternatively, if you have a particular style in mind, then please contact us at for a quote.  And if you have an estimated ring size, then even better.

Plain Bands