Top 7 Trends in Men’s Weddings Rings

For many years, men’s wedding ring design varied little from the plain bands that first appeared during WW2. But in the last 30 years, there has been an explosion in this retail sector and now Grooms are stealing the show!

Without the restriction of need to match an engagement ring, Grooms are willing to explore alternative metals, cutting edge designs and unique new ideas. Here are the latest top 7 trends for men’s wedding rings.


Gone are the days when the only choice for a Groom would be an 18ct yellow gold band. Renowned for its sleek black look, CARBON FIBRE is lightweight and robust and is associated with hi-tech sports like Formula 1 and competitive cycling. It can be worn on its own or mixed with other metals.

6mm Carbon Fibre court ring
(T59288-F002-000-N000) From £120

Combined with 18ct white and rose gold, the ‘Path’ ring features a carbon fibre wave to represent the winding pathway that you will travel together through your married life.

Carbon Fibre, 18ct Rose Gold & Palladium
(71-29270-0-0) From £1,150

Demand for hard-wearing metals like TITANIUM and TANTALUM has increased markedly over the last 30 years, especially by Grooms that work with their hands or enjoy an active lifestyle.

Black Carbon Fibre & Titanium
(T52517-F023-000-N200) From £270

TITANIUM is deceptively lightweight, so rings are super comfortable for anyone not used to wearing jewellery.

TANTALUM is known for its striking dark grey appearance in both matt or textured finishes and produces a much heavier ring with a really substantial feel.

Left: Textured 7mm (T59617-F023-000-X000) From £560
Right: Matt 7mm (T59614-F003-000-X000) From £540


Popular culture has influenced wedding ring design with exciting, unconventional shapes. Cult series like Games of Thrones and Star Wars have inspired designs that appeal to Grooms who are eager to express their individuality and interests.

Left: 9mm wide, available in all traditional precious metals,
set with 8pts diamonds.
(61-53230-0-0) From £2,460
Right: 8mm wide, available in all precious metals..
(71-29720-0-0) from £1,360

Echoing today’s popular tribal tattoos, this unique design has universal appeal for young Grooms today. The dark grey rhodium plating contrasts with 18ct rose gold.

7mm wide, available in all precious metals
with grey rhodium plating.
(71-29360-0-0) From £840


Watch enthusiasts and style-conscious grooms like to co-ordinate their wedding ring with their watches and other jewellery. These cleverly engineered rings from Furrer Jacot are made up of individual links articulated to achieve a flexible band that moves with you.

Flexible Link 8mm Ring – 18ct White Gold
( 71-22770-0-0) from £3600


Push the boundaries beyond the classic round band. This eye-catching wavy design is 8mm wide and will suit any Groom; it is especially striking in 18ct rose gold.

18ct Rose Gold & Carbon Fibre
(71-29130-0-0) From £1,380

With a courted edge to the inside, this square ring is surprisingly comfortable to wear.

18ct rose and white gold, available in 5.5mm,
6.5mm and 8.5mm widths.
(71-26210-0-0) From £1,390


Diamonds are not just a girl’s best friend – nowadays more and more Grooms like to embellish their jewellery with a little sparkle.

Sharper, more masculine angles look great when complemented with the addition of diamonds in this bold design.

7.5mm wide and available in all precious metals.
(71-83780-0-0) From £5,090


For the ultimate environmentally sound wedding ring, Grooms are asking us to create a new wedding ring from inherited jewellery. Either melting down or remodelling, each design is unique and totally personal.

Our workshop in Hertford


The signet ring has experienced a renaissance in the last 12 months. While it is considered a classic style, men are now opting to use it as a wedding ring.

18ct yellow gold oval signet ring
(DOM-FSR1-18YG) £1,482

We are excited to see where wedding ring designs for men will go next. Only time will tell what trends will evolve but we at Lance James are thrilled that Grooms are finally free to express themselves.

Traditional boundaries have all but disappeared – the world is your oyster, lads, so go for it!

All information & prices on this post were correct at the time of publication.

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