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What metal should I choose for an engagement ring?

When you think about engagement rings, the first thoughts are always about the stone.  But after the potential proposer has decided between the classic diamond or a coloured gemstone for this emotionally significant piece of jewellery, they may be stumped by the different choices of metal.   With care and regular maintenance checks, the precious metals of platinum, palladium and gold should all last you a lifetime, plus they do not tarnish.  Following years of stability, the metal markets have fluctuated massively in recent years and so preconceptions about price may... Read More


The History of the Wedding Ring – Part Two

Following the wonderfully romantic Poesy ring of the Early Middle Ages and the modest beginnings of gem set rings, Jewellers in the Late Middle Ages continued to push the boundaries to create the most coveted wedding rings. The Puzzle Ring (Gimmel) As jewellery technology advanced during this time, the Gimmel ring made its first appearance.  From the Latin ‘gemellus’ meaning twin, it was made up of two interlocking rings, worn as one, to represent the union of two lovers.  Often repeating the clasped hand motif of the fede ring, these... Read More


The History of the Wedding Ring – Part One

From ancient times to the modern-day, mankind has enjoyed a unique connection with jewellery, especially rings.  Few would disagree that the most emotionally significant piece of jewellery most people will ever own is their wedding ring but when did this tradition begin?  Throughout history, rings have been used as a personal talisman or a protective charm; they could seal a business contract or pledge one’s love to another.  This blog explores the intriguing evolution of the wedding ring which has long been imbued with unique symbolism and emotive power.  By... Read More


Learning about all things Pearls!

This month, our in-store Gemologist, Anna, attended a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Pearl Grading course after being offered a GIA scholarship.  The course was being run by Anu Manchanda, DGA, FGA, GIA GG, a very well known figure in the gemology world.  “I attended another course with Anu and found her so enthusiastic and energetic that she inspired me to become a Valuer” said Anna, “so naturally I jumped at the chance of learning more from her”. In the heart of the historic Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, the course was... Read More